Customized service to handle sensitive equipment according to unique set of logistics rules

Sensitive and expensive electronic components require a special touch and not to mention that high tech & electronics industries have their own unique set of logistics challenges. We understand that customer’s pressure to reduce the operating costs, accurately forecast, deal with short life-cycles, and multiple supply chains. Your high-value electronics need tight security and sufficient packaging to handle those long-distance transports which will be satisfyingly provided by our electronics experts.

Key Factors

  • Vendor / PO Management and Consolidation
  • Peak Season Space Allocation
  • Overnight Air Shipment Delivery
  • PO Management
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Inventory Management
  • Pick & Pack
  • Security for The High-Tech/High-Value Goods
  • Optimized Route Planning with Lower Costs and Short Timeframes